Week 1

Wednesday was my first attempt at a new recipe as part of my new years resolution. This week I made Balsamic Chicken with Feta, Hashed Sprouts with Hazelnuts and Fried Capers, and Crisp Rosemary Potatoes. I made each of the recipes almost to perfection with the exception to a few minor changes. One of the challenges I’ve been facing with the Naperville grocery stores, is that I can’t alway get the ingredients I need. So instead of hazelnuts, I used almonds and since there was no rosemary in sight, I used Italian spices.

I was extremely excited that everything tasted delicious. Especially since I also had a few timing issues. The chicken ended up taking a bit longer than anticipated and I should have started the potatoes before the brussels sprouts. At least I know now! As I finished cooking the meal, I snapped a photo. I only wish I had documented the steps between but, I haven’t mastered that coordination.

Anyways, Dan was super excited when I presented him with this meal. I believe he even said something in the lines of… marrying you is starting to pay off. Ha! I know he’s kidding but I’m pretty excited to have found my inner chef (that might be too bold of a statement at this point).
As we tasted the different components of the meal I asked Dan how he would rate them. Basically I want to know if I should keep the recipes or trash them. I was quite surprised when I started to get compared to a restaurant! Laughing, I told him that by no means was I ready to be compared to a restaurant, he would have to compare it to the meals I have already made. With that said, I received high marks especially on the brussels sprout recipe.
All in all, I will make the meal again however, I’ll probably try a few other chicken recipes first. Now I’m off to search for my next meal. If you thought the recipes I made sounded interesting, click on the names below to see the full recipe.

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