Chicago Cultural Center

On the 10th, Dan and I spent a lovely afternoon in Oak Park with some friends. We went to this tasty restaurant for brunch called “Wishbone” – Southern Reconstruction Cooking. Let me tell you, that place had some character. From the slanted shelves to the egg / chicken inspired art, there was an eyeful to take in.

After brunch we wondered into Chicago along with our friend Megan. There Dan enjoyed his book on tape while us girl went to Macy’s, Old Navy, and the Joffrey Ballet. Unfortunately the Joffrey Ballet was locked down for an audition… I really wanted to check out the studio. So, we decided to meet back up with Dan to check out the Chicago Cultural Center. Below are are some pictures from our short jaunt around the building. The ceilings were stunning!

With the day growing into night, Dan and I took Megan home and since we were still in the city, we thought we should grab dinner. Little did we know how long it would take us to park and then to find out the wait was 90 minuets… and we’d have to wait outside in the cold! Boo! So we headed home and tried three more restaurant on the way. But we ran into the same story everywhere we went. Lesson learned, you have to make reservations in this city. We ended up eating at home and kicking our feet up in front of the fire. All in all, it was a perfect ending to full day of fun and adventure.

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