Date With Dan

A few weeks ago Dan treated me to a very sweet day date. Since we had such a hard time finding a restaurant the night before, we decided lunch would offer less complications. We decided on The White Chocolate Grill and ordered filets. Dan picked the BlueCheese Crusted Filet and I the Parmesan Crusted Filet. Personally, I think mine tasted the best but, we both decided we could make them at home for half the price.

Following lunch we ventured around town in the Mini and found a Naperville nook. Basically it was a short drive through a forest area… seriously not even a mile long, but it was cute. Then we headed into downtown Naperville to the “Marbles”, a brain game store. There we picked up a few games that would keep us thinking and headed next door to “Le Chocolate”. Once there we ordered some delicious exotic chocolate drinks and played our new games. My Dan sure knows how to treat me!

Driving Around

La Chocolate + Brain Games

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