Week 3a

I got this recipe from George, a friend / co-worker. He made it for a lunch meeting at LINES Dance Center before I moved to IL. When I tasted it, I fell in love and begged him for the recipe. So far this is my second second attempt at Eggplant Moussaka. It still didn’t taste as good as George’s but improved drastically from the first time I made it.

So the key is to follow the recipe to a “T.” I was excited that my cream sauce actually thickened this time. I think it’s because I used a whisk instead of a spoon to stir… or maybe I just measured wrong the first time. The other thing I just can’t get right is the consistency of the dish after it’s cooked. Mine keeps coming out to soupy! Perhaps it has something to do with the altitude or the cooking time. Anyways, I guess I’ll just have to try it again!

If you want try the recipe, let me know and I’ll send it to you; it’s pretty lengthy to type out. Or check out the one I found on Epicurious.com that’s similar. CLICK HERE!


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