What’s that noise?

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my book at home. Although sometimes I feel like a Mom because my dogs are so childlike. The other day I lost Peyroux, in our house! I called for her and even used the the silly voice as I yelled PAN-DDAA. But, she was no were to be found. Then I began hearing this tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick sound. I followed it into the bathroom to find Peyroux in the bathtub licking the faucet! Now I catch her hanging out in there all the time. Just the other day I drew myself a bubble bath and turned around to see Peyroux standing in the middle of it! I’m not sure why she’s so obsessed with the bathtub all of a sudden. I can only guess that she thinks it’s a magical watering hole and a sanctuary away from Bella.

2 thoughts on “What’s that noise?

  1. Her obsession is getting worse… Today I took a shower, after I got back from the gym, and Peyroux jumped in! I gave her a bath to teach her a lesson. We'll see if she does that again đŸ˜›

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