Week 5

OMY! (oh my yum) I was trilled when I found this recipe. Dan has been craving salmon for weeks and I already had all of the ingredients. It was like we were meant to be. Although it was love at first sight I was a little nervous stepping into the kitchen tonight; I’ve never cooked fish before. Luckily the recipe was labeled “easy” so I thought, “how could I fail!?”
Tonights recipes were Salmon with Puff Pastry and Pesto and Individual Potato Gratins. I made the salmon dish exactly as directed. Happily everything turned out flawless. The potatoes, on the other hand, had a minor bump. I decided to make them with romano parmesan to give the dish an over all Italian feel. Regrettably, some of them were a little over cooked. To top it off, my timing was off and they were just a little cooler than I had hoped for. However, when it comes down to it I was still very impressed with myself… plus Dan was a “clean plater” so I know it was good!


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