My First Facial

When I joined my new gym, I was given a complementary facial. I was so excited because I’ve never had one before. For years people have been telling me how amazing they are and now finally, I would get to experience one for myself. So last week I scheduled my appointment and included an eyebrow shaping and tint.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by the esthetician. I was a little surprised at how young she looked but I figured she went to school for this, she must know what she’s doing. Then the eyebrow shaping began and OUCH! she pinched my sink so hard! I looked in the mirror and I was bleeding!!! I stayed calm and told her it was ok, accidents happen. Then she began the “relaxing part,” the facial. All was going so well and then she brought out this bright light. Again, I’ve never had a facial so, I did know what to expect. That little girl started pinching and squeezing my face. I thought what the !@#& is she doing… I didn’t have any blemishes… what is she squeezing!?
Soon enough the facial was over, I paid my discounted eyebrow rate, and went on my way. When I got to my car I looked in the mirror, especially since the women who took my payment complemented me on my skin. I was shocked. My skin looked worse than when I walked in. I had all these red bumps from where she squeezed my face and bloody eyebrow!!! Needless to say, no more facials for me. I’ve decided facials are like Disney Land. People always talk about how cool it is and when I finally go, all I am is disappointed. At least it was free!

This was taken 3 days after, so it doesn’t even do it justice. I’ve already started to heal.


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