RIP Capresso / It’s A Boy!

On Saturday morning, at approximately 8:30am, the Baird’s lost a dear old friend. Their little espresso machine, Capresso, died at the age of three. He fought through his last soy milk frothing with determination but lost all power when trying to pull shots. Capresso is survived by his parents, Dan and Alissa, and siblings Bella and Peyroux. His warm delightful drinks will be missed by all. The funeral will take place Monday, April 10th at 9am, or whenever the trash-men arrive. In memory of Capresso, the family asks for you to share your favorite memory by commenting below.

The Baird’s are pleased to announcing
the birth of our new espresso machine, Mr. Coffee.
He came to us the evening of April, 10th at 6:15pm
and weighs in at 5 pounds, 4 ounces, and 12 inches.
We are so excited about our new addition!


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