Week 20

One of my goals this year has been to buy and cook what’s in season. According to The Food Network, now is the time for eggplants. With my mouth watering, I clicked on the ‘Eggplant Recipes’ button and Giada’s Eggplant Rollatini popped up. I knew it was meant to be because every recipe I’ve tried of hers, I’ve loved!
With the exception of using store bought tomato sauce, letting the eggplants sit salted for a bit longer and running out of Parmesan, I stayed true to the directions. I use the store bought sauce to cut down on time, but it still took me just as long to make. I let the salted eggplant sit longer because the last time made eggplant it tasted bitter. Lastly, I finish topping the dish with mozzarella since I ran out of parm (boo!). In the end, it came out perfectly!
In addition to the eggplant Rollatini, I made roasted artichoke. I found the recipe on the bag from Costco, but still used my own instincts to make it taste better. Here’s how I cooked it:
1. I pre-heated the oven to 375°
2. I prepared the artichoke by cleaning it, and cutting and spreading the leaves.
3. Place in a pan
4. Minced 2 cloves of garlic and sprinkled them in the leaves
5. Covered with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and olive oil
6. Salt and Peppered
6. Cover with foil and bake for 45-60 min.

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