Week 25+26

That’s right, it’s a twofer. I’m putting these two together because I made the salad for another meal, but had leftovers when I made the lettuces wraps. So there you have it!
First we have the Cucumber Salad. Dan always reminisces about the delicious food he has experienced on his travels. One he talks about quite often is a cucumber salad he had in China. Lucky for me I didn’t have to search too long. The very first recipe I tried satisfied his craving. Since finding it, I’ve made this salad every week! Sometimes I’m actually fast enough to get a taste before Dan eats it all.
Secondly I made my Dad’s lettuce wraps. If you know my Dad, then you know he is very reluctant to share his recipes. The fact that I got this one makes me feel very special. Although, I know my Dad and I bet he’s still holding out on his most secret ingredient. Mine tastes so close, but it’s not quite Dad’s. Anyways, here’s the recipe:
Joe’s (AKA Opa’s) Lettuce Wraps
– 1 minced chicken breast per person
– 1 minced onion
– 1 can of minced water chestnuts
– 1-2 mined garlic cloves
– 1/2 tablespoon seczwan sauce
– mince other vegetables of choice (I did peppers)
– head of lettuce
– rice
Cook chicken in skillet with oil for 5-10 min. (I cooked until browned) then add onion, water chestnuts, garlic, veggies of choice, and sauce. Cook for another 5 minutes and serve warm. In a lettuce cup, fill with rice, and layer chicken mixture over top. (p.s. sometimes I add soy sauce or hot sauce for an extra kick)

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