News From The Baird’s


2011 had it’s ups and downs… We just hit our 30’s and life seemed to be normal for us. Dan was working for a big company doing what he does best, and I finally got my dream  job. Then one day our cozy world was turned upside-down and some big choices had to be made. After a lot of reflection, we decided to leave our little bungalow in the midwest and head back west where we had friend and family support.

Now that we’re here, what once seemed scary and risky has now become clear. We could go back and work for “the man” or we could finally be the entrepreneurs that have been living inside us. Obviously, since we have the time and some severance, we are going to take the chance and try to make it happen!

What’s better than building your own enterprise? How about doing it while traveling around the world!? Yup, that’s what we’re going to do. After a lot of discussions, planning, and budgeting we’ve decided now’s the time to go… while we’re young and kidless. Ready or not world, here come the Baird’s!

Don’t worry, I will stay in touch and post about our travels and work adventures on this blog. So, bookmark this page and check back often to learn what we’re up to!

p.s. This totally makes up for leaving my dream job… 


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