Chitzen Itza, Mexico


After a long night of working, we treated ourselves to a day trip to the 7th world wonder, the famous Mayan ruins of Chitzen Itza. Around 7am We took an ADO bus from Merida to beat the tour buses… and that worked fabulously! We arrived just as it was opening and got some amazing photos. I even got a video for my dance around the world project 🙂

Here’s a fun fact: It is thought that December of 2012 the world will end with the rise of a serpent from the center of the Cheitzen Itza ball court? (My Dad has been telling me about this years… Love ya Dad!) For the record, Dan and I did walk through the center of the court. It didn’t feel spooky to me, but it was cool to hear everything echo 7 times. Want to learn more about Chitzen Itza?  CLICK HERE!

Below are some pics. Enjoy!

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