Campeche, Mexico


We arrived at the Holiday Inn (Thanks Holly for the friends & family discount!)  in Campeche yesterday afternoon and set out to see the city shortly after arriving. Not going to lie, we weren’t psyched about this city because we couldn’t find a whole lot of exciting reviews. Plus, our original plans to see some ruins on the way were foiled at the bus station. We were told “no es imposible.” However, Campeche was recommended and we had hotel reservations.

Our lackluster attitude quickly changed as our taxi pulled up to the historical center. Our eyes lit up to see a cool historic fortress and colorful buildings lining the streets. This fisherman’s city is quite different from any other I’ve encountered in Mexico.

Here are some highlight from our stay:

  • Roaming the city
  • Drinking delicious / cute coffee at the cafe while researching Belize
  • Being invited to take ballet class (will write all about it on
  • Walking along the boardwalk
  • Discovering a cemetery (supper creepy… there were broken / open burial sights where we could smell and see human remains)
  • Reading pool side
  • And working – Dan literary worked all night. Seriously, I went to bed at 11pm and he was still working at 7am… CRAZY!!! I don’t know how he does it.

The adventures continue tomorrow as we discover more Mayan ruins 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Campeche, Mexico

  1. Kim

    Wow! I have been checking the blog posts – at work no less! Fantastico! I wonder if you realize how amazing this looks – you are taking these pictures and I feel like I’m looking in some fantastic travel book… Maybe I should print it somehow in the same format each day and create an informal version? So glad we’re hearing from you as you live the dream! What a fabulous record….

  2. Cool. I’m glad you saw the brighter side of Campeche. It’s a very unique city; I love the his sidewalks and colored walls. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but pirates used to land on shore 10 miles down the coast in Lerma, where I used to live, and attack Campeche by land. They would woo the women of Lerma and according to legend, take them on sailing trips. If you go to Lerma, you’ll see a heavier Spanish presence: green and blue eyes, fuller beards, etc. There was also a mysterious Sioux chief who lived there and a former Nazi officer with 2 antique Nazi cars in his garage.

    Thanks for the pictures! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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