Caye Caulka, Belize Day 1 – Arrival


7am – Leave hotel near the Mexican boarder

    • Stayed in a place where the hotel advertisement was a 5 year old smoking a hooka. This hotel featured cable television, a refrigerator, AC, a pool with a cement bridge over top, a hot tub, and a trampoline. Dan was 5 inches to tall for the bed so he slept diagonally. I don’t think I slept the entire night.

8am – Arrive in Belize

    • Immigration was quick and easy!

8:30am – Noon – Take bus from boarder to Belize City

    • The bus was an old school bus that stopped several times on the way to the city. During the four hour trip the same two mixed CD’s played back to back, however, it was interesting to see the country side.

Noon – Board the ferry to Caya Calker

    • I was pretty glad we were staying on the keys. The Belize City was a little rougher than I had imagined.

1pm – To the cabanas! / Seriously?!

    • Dan and I had reservations at cabana through and were pretty eager to get out of our sweaty clothes and into our bathing suites. But when we arrived at Colindas they had bumped us from our reservation. I was not impressed. Clearly these people we’re not organized. So we hefted our bags back down the beach to went from place to place until we found something for the night. Luckily we didn’t go too far and found shelter a Tom’s.

3pm – 6pm Food, walking, and sunset

    • We hadn’t eaten a real meal since the yesterday morning so we splurged and ate huge lunch. Beans, rice, and chicken never tasted so good 🙂 Following lunch we walked up and down the main drag to check everything out. Then headed back to our hotels dock to watch the sunset.

7pm-10pm More food & sitting on the dock

    • We ate a small dinner and headed to a place called The Split at the end of the island. I guess we were too early for night time festivities, so we sat on the dock, talked to a fisherman, and admired the stars.

10pm Good Night!

    • Back at the hotel we read a little and quickly fell asleep.
    • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Caya Calker is a small island with three main streets and a few side streets. Well, I wouldn’t call them streets… a sandy road describes them better. It’s a very small beach town where everyone knows everyone. There’s a mix of languages spoken, English, Spanish, and Caribbean, and usually all in the same sentence. We chose to come here to the diving one of the coolest places in Belize, the Blue Hole. Unfortunately, I got a head cold and can’t dive 😦 Instead we decide to go snorkeling together tomorrow.

Bye for now!


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