Caye Caulka, Belize Day 3 – Holy wind and rain storm!


Last night a storm came through and I woke up to a thundering rain that hammered against the metal of our corrugated roof. When Dan woke up he said “maybe we should look out the window.” No sooner did he finish the sentence that the screen (that was more or less duct taped to the wall) flew off the wall. Weird! A few hours later I woke to a crashing sound in the bath room. I yelled “what was that!?” Dan, delirious with sleep, woke up and said “I think there’s a duck in the bath room. Go check.” I said no! Moments later we hear a little ruffling and duck quack as it flew by our window. Super weird! Does this happen to anyone else or are Dan and I just that lucky?!

The storm lasted all night and into the morning. We had a brief few hours of sun during the day, but the wind never let up. Today we were unavoidably lazy. All we did was  read, work, play games, and nap. I heard from a local that tomorrow we should  expecting more rain. I imagine we will have a similar lazy day tomorrow.

Until next time!


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