Caye Caulka, Belize Day 5 – Last Day


Success! Dan was finally able to dive the Blue Hole. He had three fabulous dives where he saw underwater caves with stalagmite and estalactita, large coral formation, and a variety of sea life. He even claimed that he was bitten by a fish. I imagine it was probably better that I skipped this trip. Dan told me that the boat ride was very rough… those big waves would totally make me seasick. While Dan played in the ocean, I sunbathed on shore. I hung out at The Split, read, and got some writing done. All in all, it was a good day.

In the evening we headed out to restaurant called Bambooze for food, drinks, and a game of chicken drop. It’s a game where they place a chicken in a pen with the floor covered in squares with numbers in them, and you win money if the chicken poops on your number. Sadly, neither of us won. However, Dan did get to wear a pretty cool hat.

Bye for now… Next stop Antigua, Guatemala!

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