Antigua, Guatemala – First Five Days



  • Arrived in Guatemala City
  • Edgar, best cab driver in the city, drove us to and around Antigua helping us find our Airbnb house.
  • Ate at La Fonda de la Calle Real. Super delicious Guatemalan food that really hit the spot. Interesting notes: Bill Clinton ate here… we saw his picture on the wall with the staff.


  • Coolest housemate we could ask for, Stacy, gave us a tour of the city.
  • We signed up for Spanish school.
  • I saw a volcano burp today… basically a big dark cloud puffed out of the top.
  • Went to a dinner party at our new Spanish school. I learned how to Sala dance and Dan met some really cool entrepreneurs.


  • First day of Spanish school – Our classes are four hours long and we each have our own private teacher. Seriously, I learned more in four hours than a whole year of high school! My teacher was very patient with me, even when I kept pronouncing her name as “ice cream” in Spanish.


  • We had Spanish class again today. I’m feeling a little fried but, I’ve successfully learned how to conjugate verbs and know several phrases.
  • For the first time, I ordered my own food in Spanish and the waiter understood me!!!
  • We felt an earthquake today… It made me feel kinda of seasick. It lasted a good minute.
  • Today there was a big event in Guatemala where thousands of people held hands and walked up the volcano to form a heart. In the late afternoon and evening the streets were blocked off for bands and street vendors. Dan and I walked around to soak in all the city had to offer.
  • Dan and I learned that a red light over ones door means they have tamales… not what the red light typically stands for in most other places.
  • To finish the night, we went out for a glass of wine… Life is good 🙂


  • Work
  • Laundry
  • Bloggin’
  • Siesta!
  • Well… that’s it so far 🙂

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¡Hasta Luego!



One thought on “Antigua, Guatemala – First Five Days

  1. The walk up the volcano was a walk against Domestic Violence and violence in general. The new President is trying to create solidarity and actually walked with the people up the volcano. I just read about it today on BBC news. I’m glad to know the red lights are for tamales and that you have stopped calling your teacher ice cream cone. Well done you! Enjoy!

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