Top Memories – Mexico, Belize, & Guatemala


This post is for Mama Baird. Before we embarked on this journey, Kim explained how much she wished she would have documented her travels better. I had already planned to blog and take pictures but, to better document our experience Dan and I have created a “top memories”  list for each country. Check out our lists so far!


Top Memories of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

  1. Renting beach loungers and sleeping on them until we could check into our hostel (got to love red eyes!)
  2. How every vender at Chitza Itza is selling the same thing as the person next to them and it’s always $1
  3. The ADO buses being so cold that the locals wear gloves, winter hats, and jackets
  4. Chupa chupas – Dan’s favorite lollipops
  5. Taking ballet class in my street clothes
  6. Climbing to the top of the pyramids at Calakmul
  7. Standing in the great ball park of Chitza Itza
  8. Finding decomposing bodies in the cemetery (Man it still gives me the creeps)
  9. Watching Dan go through internet withdraw
  10. Stumbling upon a dance performance in Merida


Top Memories of Caye Caulker, Belize

  1. Every local has a dog following them around or chillin‘ out near by
  2. People drive golf carts to get around the island
  3. The trilingual effect – how the locals have merged Spanish, English, and Creole
  4. Everyone claims you are their best buddy but, then they forget you the next day
  5. Snorkeling and diving the Blue Hole
  6. A local, Sam, fishing with just the string trying to prove he could catch a fish before the guys with fishing poles
  7. Chiveche
  8. The rickety place we stayed where the whole room swayed everytime you took a step
  9. How the price of everything was marked up to match the States… so much for currency savings.
  10. Meeting and hanging out with fellow travels Astrid, Simon, Katy, and Tom


Top Memories of Guatemala

  1. Church bombs / birthday bombs
  2. Hot and cold water reversed (granted, I guess this is everywhere)
  3. How 98% of the local people you pass will say hello, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to you
  4. Best tamales and frijoles on the planet. Plus hand made tortillas made fresh for every meal… don’t mind if I do!
  5. Not surrounded by your typical tourists (in Antigua). Most people are there to learn Spanish, not getting off a bus and following a tour guide with a yellow flag and whistle.
  6. Tuk tuks – the three wheeled taxi cars
  7. Exploring a cave via candle light
  8. Camu Champey
  9. Learning Spanish and Salsa dancing at Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School.
  10. The Taanah Guest House Antigua and all of our house mates – it is the best place to stay in Antigua… well it’s the only place we stayed, but they made us feel at home 😉


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