Lake Atitlan, Guatemala – A Place of Peace and Serenity


For our last few days in Guatemala we visited Lake Atitlan. The Lake was highly recommended by Mandy and Till, and they were right, this place is amazing. Who would have though that a lake surrounded by three volcanos would feel so tranquil.

Aside from Dan experiencing “Montezuma’s Revenge” (he literally passed out from it… super crazy!) we did a lot of reading, writing, exploring, and whole lot of being lazy. We stayed in a cute little hostel called La Iguana Perdida on the Santa Cruz shore. It was very laid back, and every night we enjoyed chatting with the other guest over a delicious family style dinner. Also while at the lake, we took our first tuk tuk ride around San Juan. Our quick tour took us to the home / store of a 60 year old textile maker who spins her own yarn. She is one of the few women in the area preserving her heritage and cultural traditions. To finish the tour, we visited a coffee plantation and one of the cities other cultural traditions… Maximon.

Hope you enjoy a few pictures from our time at the lake.

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Next stop Colombia!


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