Top Memories of Perú


1. Machu Picchu

2. Hiking up Wayna Picchu to see the incredible view of Machu Picchu

3. Carnival in Cusco

4. 40 plus hours of bus rides

5. Trying new and interesting foods like cuy, alpaca, beef hearts, and other tradition Peruvian foods.

6. The slippery sidewalks in Meriflore. I slipped countless times and I’m so thankful I never had a wipeout!

7. What Dan calls the “Peruvian gangster walk.” Let me explain… It’s when Peruvians meander down the street (usually linking arms with a friend) with such style but, at a snails pace.

8. The intensely hot showers at the El Niño Hotel. Oh how I miss super hot showers!

9. Our attempt of the crazy rope hike

10. It’s a tie… Surfing &  going to see the Magic Water Circuit.

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