A Day Trip to Colonia, Uruguay


Another stamp in my passport please… Did you know that you can do a day trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay? Yes, it’s true!  You can book the hour long ferry, but for the budgets conscious, like ourselves, the three hour trip through Buquebus worked out just fine.

I’m so glad we opted out of taking a guided tour. Especially after I realized how small Colonia was. Once we landed at the Buquebus station in Uruguay we found a Thrifty rental company. There they rented bikes, scooters, golf cars, doom-buggies, and cars; good for all types of budgets. Dan and I decided to go with the scooter and set out to explore. In a good 90 minuets I think we saw everything… Granted we didn’t pay to explore the lighthouse or museums. So we decided to sit on the beach and enjoy the sandwiches we packed. A few hours later we headed back to the boat for the three hour ride home. All in all, it was a cute little getaway for the day.

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