Buenos Aires, Argentina – La Boca


After several days of all work and no play, I demanded that we go out. I decide on La Boca, a neighborhood in southeast Buenos Aires known for it’s brightly colored buildings and tango on Caminito street. FYI –  It’s basically a tourist trap. The small street is lined with restaurants that people flock too because after you’ve seen the brightly painted buildings and peruse the vendors souvenirs and nicknacks, all that’s left is to see a “free” tango performances. So you listen to music and watch some dancing while eating mediocre food for double the price you would pay just a few streets away. Then the performers go around and collect money for their performance and they will continue to stand next to you until you kindly donate some paper money into their hat… because they don’t accept coins.

But, I was okay with this because I wanted to see and experience all the street had to offer. And lucky for me that also including a cameo performance by Dan. Yes, it’s true! Dan was picked to go up on stage and dance. He tried a few of their steps, but decided the moonwalk was better choreography. He was quite the entertainer and the audience loved it! I’m sure glad they chose him… I would have been way to serious dancing up there 🙂

I also wanted to go to La Boca because I learned there was a tango festival. It was just a few streets away and we could experience a true Argentinean tango experience, a milonga. It was scheduled to start at 9pm. I was super excited because we were going to hear music followed by tango dancing! How could you beat that for a real cultural experience?!

We arrived to the hall around 8:45pm where a line had already formed. Then we waited until 9:35pm when we were finally allowed in the hall. Dan and I were lucky enough to get a table. We sat and eagerly waited for the show to begin. Finally at 10:50pm (ish) the hosts welcomed the guests and introduced the band and singer. They were so late getting started… now I understand why milongas can go until 4am. After every song, the room would roared with applause, whistles, and people yelling “bravo.” Soon the clock hit midnight and the band was still going strong. Dan and I, on the other hand, were fading fast. The program said the dancing would start at 11pm and we weren’t planning to stay out so late. Although the music was fantastic and we wanted to dance, we just didn’t have the energy to wait for it to begin. We decide to head home. La Boca was fun, but I guess we’ll just have to tango another day.

Hope you enjoy our pics!

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