Buenos Aires, Argentina – Madres de Plaza de Mayo


I don’t want to write too much about our visit to Madres de Plaza de Mayo because I want to save all the details for my Offbeat Ballerina website. You see there’s a dance that I learned several years ago that was inspired by this plaza called Commonplace. It was choreographed by my instructor, professor, and mentor, Susan Hadley. I hold this dance very dear to my heart because I performed it eight years straight, from age 15 to 23. It’s hard to explain, but this dance taught me how to let go and just be. To this day, it’s the only piece of choreography I’ve performed that led me to tears. So, if you’re interested in its story you’ll just have to check my dance site. When it’s up and ready I’ll write a new post with its link.

In addition to some of my photos from Madres de Plaza de Mayo, I’ve also included a few pics from around town… And yes, if you were wondering Dan and I did make it to a tango class. It’s so easy for me to take over and try to teach. I have to remember that Dan didn’t spend years in a dance studio. 🙂 Once I stopped trying to lead and ignored the beat of the music we some progress! In fact, we enjoyed tango class so much we’ve decided to continue practicing and hopefully take class again when we get home.

Next stop Iguazu Falls!

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