Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil


Wow, was this trip an adventure!

After we checked out of our apartment we caught a cab to the airport only to realize we missed our flight! With all our technology somehow something failed in translation, and the itinerary we read was wrong. Immediately we began planning a ‘plan B’. We decided the cheapest way for us to get there would be bus, so we rerouted the cab to the bus station. But, when we got to the bus station we were informed the busses where on strike. Just our luck!!! We caught another cab and decided we could try to rent a car near the airport and drive to Iguazu. However, along the way we began to worry that might not work either and had the cab take us to an internet cafe where we could research our options better. That’s when we found a tour agency. We described our problem to the girl behind the counter and she suggested we just try to get another ticket from the airlines office just a few blocks away. She found there was another flight that we might be able to catch today and the tickets were reasonable. We took her advice and headed to the office. Happily, the airline was able to book us on the 3pm flight and they didn’t even charge us! Needless to say, we headed straight to the airport. I didn’t want to miss this flight again.

Once we landed we found a cab to take us to our hotel… and the drama started all over again. 😦 I booked our hotel through hotels.com and I specifically booked a hotel on the Argentinian side of Iguazu. Yet, when I told our diver the hotels name, he informed us it was in Brazil! UGH! Luckily we had Brazilian visas so it didn’t cause too much of a problem… just our time, money, and plans. When we got to the hotel in Brazil, I took a screen shot of my computer, where it clearly gives the hotels address listed in Argentina via the hotels.com sight. We called hotels.com and tried to get them to cancel our reservation and get some of money back, but after 2 hours on the phone we got absolutely no where. Hotels.com officially has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. You can bet that I will NEVER, EVER use their sight again. They sent us to the wrong country!!! They have now replaced Spirit Airlines as the worst company in my book.

Ahhh… now for the good stuff! Iguazu Falls is magnificent! Because of all our drama, and since we were walking distance away from the Brazilian side, we decided to visit both sides of the falls. On Friday we viewed them from Brazil and on Saturday from Argentina. It’s hard to say which side I liked more, but there’s way more to experience from the Argentinean side. Looking back, we probably took about 300 pictures of the falls; they were so beautiful! I don’t think any of our pictures really capture how big and magnificent the falls were, but trust they were amazing. I totally recommend checking them out if you’re ever in the area.

Enjoy just a few of our best photos from the trip 🙂

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Good by Argentine… It’s been real. Hello Brazil! (officially)


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