Cooking Class in Marrakech


Over-the-top amazing is quite a bold statement right?! Well, this cooking class at Faim d’Epices, really was. At this point Dan and I have invested in quite a few classes. Every time we walk away with new knowledge and a tasty meal. This class, on the other hand, has raised the bar on what I should expect from a cooking class. I walked away with a delicious meal and new cooking challenges for myself.

Here’s why I though it was so amazing:

  1. Everyone got their own cooking station. What you create, you ate. GENIUS! In my experience, many classes divide the recipes up. Therefore,  you may be learning how to cook scallops, but your table of four other people will just make the salad. STUPID!
  2. We learned about and identified spices used in our recipes via a blind smell test. BRILLIANT! My sense of cooking smell has reached new heights.
  3. We also learned new knife skills and alternative ways to use common kitchen tools.
  4. And we just had fun! Michel one of teachers / owners always kept us entertained. You could tell he loved what he did, and he truly wanted us to learn while having a good time. A passionate and fun teacher makes all the difference in any classroom setting… and this cooking class nailed it!

It might not seem like much, but those few items really helped me learn so much more about cooking. I can’t wait to get home and try the recipes again. Here’s what we made and if you visit, maybe I’ll make it for you!

Salad of eggplants (Zaalouk)

Salad of cucumbers

Moroccan salad with cumin

Bread on the stove (Batbout)

Patties (Msemen)

Tajineof veal with fresh peas

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