Amsterdam, Netherlands


Our original plan was to head south to Zürich, but when I saw a possibility of snow in the forecast new plans were necessary. We just didn’t have warm enough clothes to make the trip enjoyable. So after looking at a few options we decided to make our way to Germany. To help break up the long train ride Dan and I decided to stop in Amsterdam… and why not Amsterdam it’s beautiful this time of year! Yes, we have been there before. However, for me it was nice to be back in a place where I had a little familiarity.

We arrived in the late afternoon. It was just enough time to video my dance a few times before it got to dark, rainy, and cold. For dinner we enjoyed some delicious fritz. Yes, we ate french fries for dinner and man did they hit the spot! I got mine covered in curry ketchup, mayo, and onions. Dan though it sounded so tasty that he ended up ordering the same. Oh gosh!!! my mouth is watering just thinking about them… too bad they don’t have the same nutritional content as spinach!  The next morning we got up bright and early and boarded the train to the land of sauerkraut, beer, and pretzels; Germany!

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More soon 😉




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