Munich, Germany


Our next stop was Munich, land of my people. My families roots lie in Bavaria and literally the moment we stepped off the train it was quite apparent I was home. It seemed everywhere I turned I had a double take because I though I saw a relative. I think some of them felt the same about me too. I say this because while we were waiting to check-in with our host we sat down for a drink. The waitress was a striking resemblance to my mom… well if my mom had long hair and decided to wear weird makeup. But, the women kept checking on us and I caught her smiling at me from across the room. Even as we were leaving she caressed my face and told me to come back sometime. Yes, it was strange but also made me feel right at home.


Our day in Munich consisted of another walking tour. Shoot, with all these walking tours in Europe my legs better look great from all the miles and stairs. We hit all the key spots and enjoyed beer and pretzels at the beer gardens along the way. In the evening we sat down to a true Bavarian meal with our friend Franz. It was good times and good food!


After spending so many years wanting to see Germany because of my roots, I’m glad to say I can check it off my list. Visiting Germany really made me feel German all the way down to how they cross the street. They actually use the cross walk and wait for the sign to tell them when to cross…  Perhaps it’s their methodical nature or rule following style, but I felt like I fit right in.


Next stop Austria.


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