Bled, & Ljubljana Slovenia


So much for quick trains… we’ve hit slow train territory of Europe. Although they do run on time, the trains are fewer and the customer service level has gone down. We had numerous cases of people just telling us “no.” For example, here was one of our conversations:

We would like to take the 8am train…

“No train.”


“No train”

How about the 10am train?

“No train”

When is the next train?


Needless to say in Slovenia we learned to wait a lot! We also learned to ask a few people about the trains because sometimes there was a train when they said “no train.”

Our first stop in Slovenia was Ljubljana we arrived very late, slept, and woke up early the next day to grab another train to Bled. Bled is a gem tucked away in the beautiful country side of Slovenia. I just wish it wasn’t such a pain in the neck to get there. Finally after two trains, a bus, and a taxi we made it in just 4 hours! Funny when we got there we found out it should have only taken us 30 minuets by car from Ljubljana. Hmm… I think that says something about the transportation system.

Any who, thanks to Mandy and Tyler’s recommendations, we made it Bled for some excellent “glamping.” And yes, it was worth the effort to get there. The camp sight over looks a lake with a small island where a church stands. Sure it sounds quant, but it’s just as peaceful as Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and as beautiful as Bear Lake in Utah / Idaho. While there, Dan and I rented a little boat. He rowed us across the lake to the island and it was very romantic… well aside from Dan making funny faces at me and splashing me with the oars. As far as camping part goes, we stayed in a little wooded A-framed hut that contained just a bed. We also opted for an upgrade to get a hot tub. Hence the name “glamping.” Let me tell you it was awesome!!! I love glamping and I love Bled 🙂

After a taxi, bus, and train ride we found ourselves back in Ljubljana. At first we weren’t too excited about staying in Ljubljana after dealing with the people at the train station. However, once we got into the city things got much better. For Ljubljana being the capital city, it was very small yet had a lot of personality. On our stroll through the city I found another bridge like the on in Salzburg covered in locks. This bridge adorned many more love locks. They even bled onto the artwork on the bridge. It was pretty cool! We also had fun spotting decorative dragons around the city. The dragon is found in the cities coat of arms and flag. It symbolizes a slayed dragon from a legend. Once it began to rain, Dan and I headed back to the hostel to decide where and what we were going to do next.

We really enjoyed Slovenia and all of it’s beauty. Again, we just scratched the surface of the country and will have to go back again some day. If you’re contemplating a trip, I would totally recommend going… But perhaps go in May when there isn’t so much rain and the weathers a bit warmer.

Look out Croatia, here we come!

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