Vienna, Austria


Two cities in one day… a new train record for us. After Salzburg we jumped on a train to Vienna and arrived to see the sun set. Once we were settled at our hosts, we decided to to take a little walk to stretch our legs. I’ll never forget climbing the stairs of the subway and getting a glimpse of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It was lit so beautifully with the sapphire sky adding even more of an etherial sensation. The city center was full of artifact. It seemed the city was it’s own outdoor museum. As night set into the city the streets grew quite and shops began to close. Dan and I grabbed a gelato and headed back to the house to rest.

The following day can you guess what we did? Of course, a walking tour! The city was bustling with tourists and locals. Ever street seemed to be full of people on a mission to see something or going somewhere. Every avenue captured a different amazing architectural sight. If anything, Vienna is a pretty city just to look at. Along our walk we even stubbled on a crew making a film. The park was full of characters dressed from the 30‘s or 40’s waiting for their scene. It kind of made me feel like we had entered a time warp. After a long day we ended up cooked our pasta that we’d been carrying since Spain. The tomato sauce kind of tasted like the broth in spagettio’s, but we devoured the whole thing anyways.

Goodbye Austria… next stop Slovenia 🙂

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