Zagreb, Split, & Dubrovnik, Croatia


Our first stop in Croatia was more like a passing through. We landed in Zagreb with just a few hours for some sightseeing. With backpacks attached, we walked to the gothic area. There we saw a church, and filmed a little of my dance project. By the time we finished those few things, it was already time to head back to the train station. Although our passing was short, we felt like we saw what we needed to see in Zagreb.

Stop number two, Split! We finally made it to the Mediterranean and man was it gorgeous. There’s just something about that blue water that makes me want to sit and soak up the sun. Too bad it wasn’t bikini weather or I probably wouldn’t have ventured past the sea. Split is a fairly small city and easy to walk around in one day. While strolling around the city we walked in and out of alleys, and found our way to the underground Diocletian’s Palace. We filmed my dance in one of the rooms, and for the first time some viewers applauded when I was finished. It was a pretty cool feeling 🙂 At the end of the day we cooked ourselves some dinner. It sure has been a long time since we had a kitchen, so we took advantage of having a stove.

Last stop, Dubrovnik. At first I wasn’t to excited to visit another fort city. After seeing 10 they all start looking the same. Every review we read said it was amazing, however, every review always says every city is “amazing.” Like I said, I had my doubts, but Dan talked me into giving Dubrovnik a chance. I’m sure glad I listened to him because Dubrovnik is by far THE most beautiful fort city I’ve seen to date! The city is charming and full of steps… no wonder everyone lives into their 90‘s; they’re in amazing shape!

Dan and I loved our time in Croatia. Even though it might not be the top of your European adventure list, it’s totally worth the trip. Our tour of Europe continues as we make our way to Turkey.

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