Belgrade, Serbia / Top Memories


With our month long Eurail pass dwindling and hopes to make it to Greece and out before it expires, we are moving fast. We arrived in Belgrade after an overnight train around 7am. You can tell all the traveling is starting to drain us by the following conversation we had as we were checking our luggage in the lockers:

D: What’s the conversion rate?

Me: What country are we in?

D: I don’t know… Bulgaria?

Me: Really? How did we get here it’s not on the Eurail pass.

D: Wait… I think we’re in Serbia.

So after we figured out where we were and exchanged some Euros it was time to explore. We had just about 12 hours to run around until our next overnight train. Fortunately, the weather cooperated with us. It was an absolutely beautiful day. We spent most of our morning at Kalemegdan the Belgrade Fortress. Dan helped me film my dance, we sat and did some people watching, and I even got to take a little nap. We also wondered around Knez Mihailova Street, saw a political rally of sorts, and enjoyed some almost perfect chips and salsa (gosh I miss Mexican food!). Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the train station.

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Top Memories:

1. Everybody smokes… Ick! Smells terrible!!! I may have secondhand smoke cancer!

2. If I had a nickel for every time someone said no, I would have made $10 today

3. We learned our Eurail pass has conflicting information on whether Serbia is included or not… they made us pay BOO!

4. We had several Milica spottings (our T-bird friend), but none were actually her

5. Walking around the fortress

6. Dan getting $100,000,000 richer – if only it was real 😉

7. Having a lady, who was smoking, make my pizza

8. Eating the worst pizza ever

9. Some awesome people watching

10. Discovering we had no idea where we were when we got off the train


Goodnight and goodbye Serbia…




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