Sofia, Bulgaria / Top Memories


Today we landed in Sofia, Bulgaria around 8am and we boarded a bus to Greece at 10am. At this time all international trains have stopped going to Greece because of the riots in January and February. And… If you’re keeping track, we have now hit day three without a shower. Yes, you could say I’m starting to feel a little gross and uncomfortable. However, on the plus side, we still smell and look better than most of our fellow travelers.

It’s true, we didn’t really experience a city in Bulgaria (aside from the train station in Sofia), but we did spend a good a six hours driving through Bulgaria. My impressions of the country may be a little shallow, but here are a few of my memories in a blink:

Top Memories

1. In a span of a few hours while trying to find a bus we heard “no” or “not possible” at least 20 times.

2. It’s the saddest city I’ve ever seen. It looks half destroyed and no one has attempted to repair the damage.

3. On our bus breaks (20 min.) nearly everyone chained smoked.

4. We were there only a day and managed having enough Bulgarian money to buy our bus ticket out.

5. The people seemed helpful, but what they are really doing is scamming you. The most trust worthy person was the lady who sold us the ticket to Greece.

Can’t believe we’re almost to Greece… this is taking forever!


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