Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand


With 30 days left until we head home and a slim budget, what better place to visit than Thailand. Plus, this girl is dying for a beach! Although it would be lovely to discover Thailand for a whole month unfortunately, our visas only last 15 days. This is because we flew in from an international airport. But, no worries because Dan and I would love to explore some of the neighboring counties like Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, or Malaysia.


I’ll spare you most of the details of getting to Thailand. Let’s just say it wasn’t the most pleasant flight. A VERY oversized man sat next to me on the overnight flight. He was so big that I couldn’t fit in my own set comfortably unless I was reclined. It wasn’t my proudest moment but, I cried out of frustration, I actually screamed at the lady behind me when she kicked my seat, and I told the fight attendant off. If you know me, than you know this is very odd behavior. But seriously, when a large person who can’t even buckle the extended seat belt or they are spilling half way into your seat… could you blame me?! He really should have had two seats! Ok that’s all.


My first memory of being in Thailand was landing in the airport and trying to figure out how to get into the city. I hadn’t researched it very well, and Dan and I were frantically trying to make since of the maps and train schedule. As we were discussing what our plan was, a song started playing over the speaker and everything stopped. It was the national anthem. I read about how it plays two times a day on an app but, completely forgot until I encountered the stillness. I know it might sound silly, however, I love finding these small nuggets that are unique to a culture.


Anywho, after a lot of run around, lack of sleep, hot and humid weather, empty stomachs, tuk tuk negotiations, and grumpiness hitting an all time high, we finally found our hotel the almost as advertised… The Wild Orchid Villa on Khoa San Road. Let me tell you after that shower, a nap, and some ice cold air conditioning, we were ready to explore and eat some pad Thai!


We spent the next few days exploring some temples, caught a kite flying competition, shopped on Khoa San road, got a much needed pedicure, and a Thai massage. Then we headed north to Chiang Mai on the night train. While there got a taste of home and enjoyed nachos and drank margaritas! We also went to a cooking class where we toured a market to learn about Thai ingredients. The class was fun and very worth it and I will be making these recipes as soon as I get home. They recipes were so delicious and simple. (p.s. the secret ingredient in sweet and sour chicken is ketchup!) We also stumbled upon a festival in the city where we discover some dance… you can read about that on However, my most favorite part of Chiang Mai was going to the Elephant Nature Park. We learned all about the elephants in Thailand and got to feed and bath them. So rewarding!


Off to Laos!


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