The Adoption Workshop


On Thursday we headed to LA for a 2 day adoption workshop with IAC (Independent Adoption Center). As we arrived at the building and rode the elevator up to the 14th floor, I couldn’t help but feel nervous and excitement. I kept thinking how our lives were about to change forever, we’re going to have a family, and this is just the beginning of our journey.

I like to call this "the wall of happy" It showcases families with their babies.

I like to call this “the wall of happy” It showcases families with their babies.

When we opened the door to the office we were greeted by three joyful women. You could feel the office was full of love. In fact, every wall was covered with photos of smiling faces of parents, kids, and birth families. It was in that moment I realized our choice to have an open adoption was absolutely the way to go for our family. Love comes in so many forms; it’s silent, loud, powerful, comforting, supportive, honorable, and sometimes there just aren’t words. I’m exciting to know our future child will get to experience love in so many forms… it will be incredible to watch.

Dan taking notes

Dan taking notes

After a short time, 2 more couples joined us for the workshop. The first day was packed with information. We met our Adoption Coordinator, reviewed the process, learned how to create a letter and online profile, talked about the home study process, discussed adoptive parenting, and discussed tons of questions we all had. The following day we got to meet a birthmother and an adoptive family. What a busy 2 days it’s been! Now, my head is spinning with information, ideas, and to-do’s! All in all, we feel super prepared for what lies ahead. The contracts have been signed and we’re on our way to expand our family!

Following the workshop we had a picnic in Malibu to celebrate

Following the workshop we had a picnic in Malibu to celebrate

So, what’s next? We’ll hopefully go “live” in the next 3-4 months. To go “live” the home study must be complete, all of the documents have to be submitted and reviewed by IAC, and our birthparent letter must be approved, printed, and website complete. Once “live,” perspective birth moms can look for us. Then, it’s kind of like dating until we “match” with a birth mom. That’s when we’ll be in a what can be described as a committed relationship… After that, we wait for the baby to arrive.

How long is the wait? On average wait time for the whole process is about 15 months.

How can you help? Rght now it’s hard to say what exactly we need… but, word’s of encouragement are always appreciated 🙂

More later!



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