We’re LIVE!!!


Dan and I are happy to report, we’re live! After multiple drafts, an informal photo shoot (thanks to Mama Baird!), my graphic design perfectionist side being satisfied, and a lot of back and forth with IAC,  we were finally approved to go live. When it finally happened, I literally threw my hands up high, jumped up and down, and screamed like I was my 4th-grade self at the New Kids On The Block Concert. It was quite a sight, and I’m pretty sure I gave Panda a little heart attack.

So, now we wait… Yes, we’re excited, anxious, and well frankly curious to see if anyone will like us. Yes, our fabulous family and friends keep assuring us that people will fall in love with us and we’ll be matched before we know it, but I still have bubbles of uncertainty. All I know is that who every we match with will be my biggest heroine / hero.  To me and Dan, they will be the most selfless person / people we’ll ever meet.

Now my friends, we’re going to ask for your help. Please help us spread the news. Here’s how you can!

1. Share our sites 



2. Share our email 


3. Share our phone number

Toll-free 1-888-611-4076

4. Share and connect to our Facebook and other social media sites




*I’ve also made some “pass along” adoption cards; they’re kind of like a business card. If you’d like, I’m happy to send some to you to keep on hand, in case you want to pass them along to someone. Just send me an email at danandalissaadopt@gmail.com and we’ll go from there!card

Forever we’ve been waiting and longing to be parents. Forever it’s felt like an “if it will happen.” And now, as Dan likes to remind me, it’s finally a “when.” We couldn’t be more excited for this journey!

If you know someone who is pregnant and considering placing their child with an adoptive family please consider the IAC, Independent Adoption Center. Visit adoptionhelp.org for more information.

Thank you all for your love and support,





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