Siem Reap, Cambodia


From the moment we walked across the border young children encompassed us trying to sell things or just begging for money. It really tugged at my heart strings. I stayed strong, but it sure was an eyeopening experience. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to help.  However in my handy dandy iPhone travel app. I learned to be cautious because may of these were scams. (p.s. Dan totally fell for a few of them… he bought some bracelets and $20 us baby formula. Sadly, the girls mother returned the formula for the money. We saw her later that day conning some more tourists.)


After arriving at our hotel we scheduled a 3 day tour of Angkor Wat with a tuk tuk driver named Rain. For the next sweltering hot days we discover the beauty of the temples and it was worth it! Angkor Wat is in my top 3 most favorite places we’ve visited. We  also checked out the night market, a shooting range, a silk farm, and caught a dance performance at the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace. You can read about that on my dance website,


All in all, Siem Reap was pretty calm and relaxing. We stayed longer than we anticipated and discovered some delicious restaurants and a pool in a 5 star hotel! But, we have to head back to Bangkok soon because our T-Bird friend Tanner is meeting up with us before we head to the beautiful beaches of Thailand!