Home Study Step 2 Complete

Enjoying Oktoberfest at Snowbird

Enjoying Oktoberfest at Snowbird

I love when my adoption paperwork to do folder is empty!

I love when my adoption paperwork to do folder is empty!

Update time!

We’re about 105 pages deep in our paper pregnancy and have officially completed Step 2 of our Home Study process. So what’s next? The home visit. A home visit is when a Caseworker visits our home and interviews us together and separately. I’m told the whole visit should take about 3 hours. Following the caseworkers visit, they will complete a full review and (fingers crossed) approve us. Then the approval will be sent to our agency!

In the meantime, Dan and I are gathering pictures and beginning to design our adoption brochure and living life… We are especially excited to try out our new snowboards!

More later,



Zucchini Bread


breadWe’ve got so much zucchini and what is a girl to do!? Make zucchini bread of course!

After much deliberation, I decided to make two kinds because both recipes sounded delicious. One was a Paula Deen recipe that I made with walnuts. The other was a chocolate chip zucchini bread recipe I found on Pinterest.

I made them both in mini loafs so I could spread the calories to my friend and family! Luckily, they thanked me 🙂

I’ve got to say, both breads were delicious and have made my “make it again” list. However, the Paula Deen zucchini bread recipe was totally my favorite of the two. I loved the sweetness with the hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. Plus, eating it while it was still warm… heaven! Really, you’ve got to make it; you can thank me later!