Home Study Complete


Not long ago we got awesome news; we’re approved to be parents! After pages of paperwork, background checks, fingerprinting, interviews, and a home inspection our case worker emailed us the good news. Although this part of the processes seemed long and pretty invasive, I know it will all be worth the stress.

Next in the process is getting our pictures and birthmother letter approved by our agency. This can typically take a few month, depending on how many edits we have to complete. Then mothers considering placing their child will be able to view our profile. Upon approval, we’ll have an online profile, an email address, a toll free phone number, a website, and a paper profile that will be emailed to interested people. Right now we’re in our third round of edits and all of our pictures have been approved! Perhaps we’ll be live before Christmas… A girl can wish right?!

I’ll keep you posted when we’re live!


If you know someone who is pregnant and considering placing their child with an adoptive family please consider the IAC, Independent Adoption Center. Visit adoptionhelp.org for more information.




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