ABT National Training Curriculum… I Passed!


While my students were enjoying a nice break before summer classes started, me and four other teachers, from the studio, decided to try to become ABT National Training Curriculum Certified Teachers. For nine days, from 9am-4pm, we lived and breathed ballet, ballet, ballet! We listened to lectures, created combinations, critiqued, discussed theory, read, took class, and studied our butts off! Now after a month of waiting, I’m happy to announce that I passed!!! I’m an ABT National Training Curriculum Certified Teacher for Pre-Primary-Level 3!


Ragnar Trail


Checked off another item on the bucket list! Well, maybe it only counts as half a check… Over the weekend, Dan and I headed down to Zions to so that I could run the Ragnar Trail with Josh & Tara’s team. I successfully ran the 3 mile and 8 mile trail, but sadly the race was cancelled before I could run my last 4 miles. Although I was super bummed I didn’t get to finish, I am thankful they stopped the race because I didn’t have the right apparel to run in the snow! (saved me from looking like a quitter ha!) Guess I’ll just have to try again next year!



Back in Bangkok


Good news! I got more pages in my passport and the process was pretty quick and easy! Now we’re off on a day bus to Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat.