Happy Birthday Peyroux!


On December 17th our little furry baby, Peyroux, turned 5 years old! We celebrated in style with High Hopes cupcakes… and yes, Dan and I ate one too 🙂


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Peyroux’s New Necklace!

I decided it was time to upgrade Peyroux’s collar and went on a mission in search something perfect. Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with the selection at Petsmart and Petco, and the trendy pet store, Two Boston’s, had nothing less than $35 (for a collar!!!), so I began to search Etsy.com. After spending some time on the site I began to think I should just make one, how hard could it be? Moments later I headed to Joann Fabrics to pick up supplies. Check out my finished product! From the smile on Peyroux’s face, I think she likes it 🙂

Doggy Daycare

This week I took my sweet Bella and my wild Peyroux to their first day of doggy daycare at “Happy Puppy.” They were so excited when I dropped them off, they didn’t even notice I left. The house was so quite without them running around at my feet but, I actually got some work done! Late in the afternoon I went to pick them up and they didn’t want to leave! I don’t have kids, but I imagine this is what motherhood feels like LOL! Since their day at daycare, Bella and Peyroux alway stand at my car door when I let them out… I think they are trying to hint to me they want to go again.


Yesterday I picked up a dollar toy for my dogs. It was a ball with the world on it and ironically, it was from World Market. As I examined it I thought, this one will last. But unfortunately, this toys time of death was just minutes after my slobbering, tail wagging pups got a hold of it. Bella had that ball de-squeaked and Peyroux managed to scatter the filling all over the house. They then proceeded to destroy the world my tearing the balls exterior to shreds. Needless to say I’m still picking up the pieces this morning and I will not purchases anymore dollar dog toys.

This pic doesn’t even do the mess justice…
I had already picked up three loads of filling at this point.

What’s that noise?

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my book at home. Although sometimes I feel like a Mom because my dogs are so childlike. The other day I lost Peyroux, in our house! I called for her and even used the the silly voice as I yelled PAN-DDAA. But, she was no were to be found. Then I began hearing this tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick sound. I followed it into the bathroom to find Peyroux in the bathtub licking the faucet! Now I catch her hanging out in there all the time. Just the other day I drew myself a bubble bath and turned around to see Peyroux standing in the middle of it! I’m not sure why she’s so obsessed with the bathtub all of a sudden. I can only guess that she thinks it’s a magical watering hole and a sanctuary away from Bella.

Panda Love

Peyroux (aka Panda) is our very loving Boston Terrier. In fact she doesn’t just love Dan and myself, she loves just about anyone who has food. If you’ve met Peyroux then you know she also loves to give kisses. Check out the pictures I caught of Peyroux making out with my date!

This is her signature move, push on the back of her head and she climbs into your lap.

The licking attack begins.

You crazy dog, STOP!

Ahh… I think she’s done.

Nope, there’s more!